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Magnet Transportation

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools are divided into seven transportation zones. Except for the new magnet programs, transportation is provided to any elementary student living in the same zone that their magnet school is located. Also, some elementary magnet schools provide transportation to students living outside their zones. You will see these schools listed with the elementary zone maps. The distance to a bus stop can be up to one mile from the residence, or up to one and one half (1 1/2) miles if the neighborhood school is used as a bus stop.Some elementary magnet students will transfer at a hub site (another school) and ride another bus to their magnet school. The afternoon will be the reverse.

Download "Schools by Elementary Transportation Zones"

Middle Schools

Middle Schools are divided into two major transportation zones:

  • Zone A — Arlington, Fletcher, Gilbert, Kernan, Landmark, Mayport, Ribault, Southside and Twin Lakes
  • Zone B — Baldwin, Butler, Jeff Davis, duPont, Highlands, Mandarin, Northwestern, Oceanway, Paxon, Stilwell, Stuart and Westview

Transportation is provided to middle school magnet students on Express Routes* as follows to:

  • Ft. Caroline — from Zone A
  • Lake Shore — from Zone B
  • Highlands — from Zone A and Zone B
  • Matthew Gilbert — from Zone A and Zone B

John E. Ford K-8 — Middle school students are transported according to the elementary zones for this school. The Coastal Transportation Plan provides limited service to Mayport Middle School via existing non-neighborhood Express routes from the Gilbert, Northwestern and Ribault attendance areas and shuttle buses from Fletcher HS, Sandalwood HS and Terry Parker HS. Parents are responsible for getting their students to and from the shuttle sites.

The Dreams Begin Here: The Next Generation Magnet Schools Transportation Pattern

Transportation is as follows to:

  • Southside — from the Gilbert attendance area
  • Ribault — from Arlington, Fletcher, Kernan, Landmark and Twin Lakes attendance areas

High Schools and Selected Middle Schools

High schools are not divided into zones. County-wide transportation is provided with a combination of neighborhood routes, shuttles, and Express Routes.* There are some differences in the transportation system that apply to specific schools:

High schools are not divided into zone.  County-wide transportation is provided with a combination of neighborhood routes, shuttles and Express Routes.*  There are some differences in the transportation system that apply to specific schools:

  • In the morning, transportation is currently provided to students attending Douglas Anderson, Darnell-Cookman, Kirby-Smith, Landon, LaVilla, James W. Johnson, Paxon, Frank H. Peterson, Asa Philip Randolph and Stanton on neighborhood buses to the neighborhood high school followed by shuttle service to the magnet school. Students living in the Fletcher High School attendance area will shuttle from a hub at Fletcher Middle School. Express Route service is provided in the afternoon.

Bus stops and times are subject to change for the 2015-2016 school year.  Current bus routes may be viewed at  To be eligible for transportation students must apply to a magnet school by the February 28, 2015 application deadline.  Once accepted, a Magnet Bus Stop Application can be submitted to the Transportation Department.  Stops will be added according to guidelines, and applying does not guarantee a stop request will be granted.  For more information regarding transportation, contact the Transportation Department at (904) 858-6200.  To download a Magnet Bus Stop Application, visit or after April 1, 2015. 

*Express Routes have limited bus stops and are located at or near a Duval County public school or other public location selected by the Transportation Department.  The District distance to stop policy does not apply to Express Routes.  Parents or guardians are responsible for getting their children to and from bus stops.